Meet Monkey Jojo!

When my kids saw the Itty Bitty Toys book by Susan B Anderson, they immediately asked for a knitted toy. Well here it is, my first knitted project and first time using  (dpns) double pointed needles. I have to admit, dpns are not as difficult as I thought. 

One of my twins, (Lorenzo) loves monkeys. I mean he has a zoo in his room and he even sleeps with a big cozy monkey. 

Knitting toys is not only a great use of your stash (think of sock yarn leftovers) but also a cute gift. The details of the yarn I used and needle are in my ravelry project page. Look at that happy face with his new friend Jojo!

So if you have never knitted a toy before,  give it a try. It is really fun. My other kids asked for the snake and the hippo. Honestly, they are all so cute I want to knit them all.

Happy Knitting!

A day to remember shawl

Mother’s Day was a few days ago and I was happy to knit a shawl for my mom. A day to remember shawl by Joji Locatelli was finally completed on time for my mom.This was a very easy project to work on, not too boring, just interesting  enough to let you watch tv while knitting.

The yarn I chose is Juniper Moon – Findley and US size 6 needles.  It is a lovely blend of merino wool and silk but one skein was not enough to complete all the rows of this pattern. Luckily, the shawl was substantially big for my mom so I didn’t care if it was a few rows short.

Blocking the shawl made a drastic change on the fabric. As you can see from the first picture, all of those wrinkles were smoothed out and the stitch definition became more noticeable. The shawl was so long, I had to fold it to block it.

But I love how long the shawl is, you can wrap it around like scarf, or just style it around your shoulders.

To make this gift more intriguing, I wrapped the shawl like a pair of socks in a label on cardstock paper. This label is available for purchase or free in this link. There is also a crochet version. Isn’t this cute?

So what I am working now?

I am currently working on my other lace project- The Feather Weight Cardigan .

I mean, I will not knit in lace weight again at least for a year. This is taking forever!!!  I have been also working on a cute monkey pattern from Susan B Anderson’s book  “Itty Bitty Toys” for one of my kids. More of that in a future post. And finally, I am also learning about sewing and loving my new toy, the Laura Ashley CX155LA by Brother sewing machine. I have been reading books and watching you tube videos. I mean, if I can knit and follow a pattern for a sweater, I can sew a skirt right?

What’s in my favorites?

Ravelry is an incredible tool for pattern searching but it is also a great enabler and excellent on taking my time. I know is all my fault, but I can be in Ravelry  (and Pinterest) for hours instead of using my precious time to knit. Last week I spent about two hours just browsing and favoring several patterns and things that I might knit or crochet one day for someone. Thinking about holiday gifts? Here are 3 things I found that are free and super cute. A Crochet headband and crochet coasters and a knitted chunky cowl. I like crochet patterns that are easy to remember and small that I can take with me anywhere. Chunky cowls are a great choice for gifts. That brings me to something exciting, I have to go shopping for yarn.

So that’s it! For now..keep knitting….

More knitting podcasts!



Sometimes being home sick for a few days is a great opportunity to catch up on old episodes or learn about new podcasts. I have been watching/listening to a lot of podcasts lately but they are all full of interesting topics and news of the knitting world. If you like to listen to podcasts or are looking for new podcasts, keep reading!

YouTube: you  are going to love the following knitting video podcasts:

  1. The grocery girls (Jodie and Tracie are so funny, I wish  one day I could meet them)
  2. Inside number 23  (lovely Katie from the UK, talks about knitting and sewing)
  3. Brooklyn Knitfolk  (it reminds me of my old days in NYC, Jackyn shows a few videos of NY and knitting)
  4. Tinypaperfoxes  (Jennie and Devon are a cute couple sharing their knitting projects and also sewing)
  5. Sew over it   (I like Lisa’s style and tutorials, this is about sewing but hey I want to learn how to sew lol)

Audio Podcasts

  1. Craft-ish by Vickie Howell – like always, she has an excellent  voice and loves everything crafty.
  2. Power Purls podcast by Kara Gott Warner, she is the editor of Creative Magazine.
  3. While she naps podcast by Abbie Glassenberg interviews designers, crafters, bloggers.

I enjoy very much learning about new things and people while knitting, cooking or folding laundry. Audio podcast are great while driving or waiting at the doctor’s office. I can say they have become part of my lifestyle!

Keep knitting my friends…

Knitting at A Good Yarn store

When was the last time you spent a whole afternoon at a yarn shop? The pleasure of knitting at a yarn shop without the pressure of time is priceless. I know only knitters understand this. But if you can relate, I know you are probably laughing right now.

A couple of weeks ago I hit the road and met with my lovely cousin Madeline at A good yarn store in Sarasota, Fl. Let me tell you this is one of my favorite yarn stores. I wrote a review last year here in my blog when I first visited the store.
The store was busier than the last time I visited. Well, Susan B. Anderson was there the entire weekend. I couldn’t take the shawl class with Susan B. Anderson because it was sold out by the time I decided to register. So, if you are planning to take a class with a designer like Susan at your local yarn shop, you better sign up as soon as you find out. Don’t wait!

So I met Susan B Anderson and she signed a copy of the Itty Bitty Toys book my cousin Madeline bought for my birthday. Susan is just lovely and very talented. There are so many cute little toys to knit that I almost couldn’t decide. One of my kids loves monkeys so I will knit a monkey for him. Details will follow in a later post.

After knitting for a while and touching almost every skein of yarn,I found a lovely skein of merino wool and silk blend in Juniper Moon Findley. I immediately started my new project A day to remember by Joji Locatelli. 

Here is look at my progress. I need to get this blocked and ready before my Mom’s birthday which is in a couple of weeks.

What do you think? 

Fair Isle hat

File Mar 08, 1 09 57 PM

When Purl Soho announced the Friendly fair isle hat earlier this year, I immediately saved the pattern in my list of favorites.  

So, when I decided to knit a hat for my niece and also my nephew, I went to the Purl Soho website for inspiration. I wanted a cute and easy hat with a little design, not so complicated with some details – not just plain stockinettte stitch.

File Mar 08, 11 10 33 PM

I used Knitpicks bulky weight yarn and size U.S. 10.5 needles. This is an acrylic machine washable yarn available in most colors at a very affordable price. This hat also gave me the opportunity to learn the long tail tubular cast on. You can find details here in my Ravelry page. There is also a Long tail tubular cast on tutorial included in the pattern. You can get details here.

If you are looking for a quick and easy hat to knit, try the Purl Soho Friendly Fair Isle hat. And believe me, You can make it in just a few hours!

I love when I learn a new technique while knitting a cute gift. Oh and don’t forget the Pom Pom.

Keep Knitting!



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