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10 Knitting resources you should know

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IMG_0064Do you like the Internet? I love it! It's how we connect with great people, learn a new skill, shop, keep in touch with loved ones, etc.. And the list is pretty extensive but you get my point. But one of the of the reason why I love it so much is because of the resources you are able to find remotely.

If you have been following me you probably know how much I love technology and apps and productivity tools. If you want to know more about my favorite apps go  here

Today I want share a list of resources I use to get knitting or crochet help. We all know about you tube, you can find almost anything really, but some people prefer to learn by reading instructions and at their own pace, instead of feeling rushed by a video or wanting to follow at the same speed of the narrator. So whether you are looking for tutorials, patterns, a community, or supplies, it is always a good idea to bookmark a page with the links to your favorite sites instead of browsing around and wasting time trying to find that "One Good Website "you can trust.

Ravelry, a free social networking community of crochet and knitting fans where you can share projects, find patterns and designers. In my opinion, it is Pretty Awesome! You can friend me in Ravelry as bpknits2.

Knitter's Review another great resource for knitters. Created by Clara Parkes, is a supportive community where you can find a biweekly newsletter after you sign up, books, yarns and tools information.

TKGA the knitting guild association. I am a member of TKGA. There is s lot of free information here about yarn weights  and classes offered but if you are a member you get 4 issues per year of their Cast On magazine which is an excellent resource of techniques. If you want to become a master knitter, take mail order classes or be part of a knitting guild, this is where you should seek information.

If you are looking for tutorials, here are my favorites:


Purl bee Very pinky Knitting daily Knit purl hunter

Online classes Craftsy Creative bug

Patterns and yarns Ravelry Knitty

I hope you find great information in these websites. Don't forget to share it with your friends. Happy Knitting!

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