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The Risen Cardigan

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Today's post is about the Risen Cardigan by one of my favorite designers Melanie Berg.  If you are looking for an easy project with minimal design but entirely boring, you might want to consider this pattern. This cardigan was relatively easy to complete. I like the simple lines and plain stockinette stitch design in the body with the interesting reverse purl stitch pattern  in the cuffs and bottom.  This is a seamless sweater worked top down and doesn't require buttons.

I started this project in late October 2016 when I visited A good Yarn store in Sarasota, Fl. I found this beautiful yarn made by Baah (la jolla) in the color champagne.. So yes, it took like 9 months to complete but that is what happens when you start several projects at the same time. 

This was my first time knitting the reverse purl pattern stitch shown on the collar and cuffs. I have to say that it was very interesting and easy. The entire sweater took almost all 3 skeins ( I still have about 30 yards left). You can find more details and pictures in my Ravelry project page here.


Whenever I start a big project like this with a yarn that is new to me, I read the entire pattern to make sure I understand how it's constructed and to understand the schematics. I knit and block a big swatch. I let it rest  and then look at it the next day to make sure I like how the yarn feels.

One thing I forgot to do was to alternate the skeins as I was knitting to avoid uneven color tones. You can see what I mean here in this picture. The right front is lighter than the rest of the sweater. This is very common when you knit with hand dyed yarns because not all skeins are identical. 

I used the wet blocking method and used blocking mats and pins. 

Like I said, this is the second sweater I knit so I am not an expert at all. One last thing I will do when I knit my next sweater/ cardigan is to add more width to front side. A little extra fabric of at least 1 inch to each front side will make the sweater a little bigger. This garment is meant to be open without buttons so it should be ok. Overall, I am very happy with this sweater, I am sure it will be my go to sweater this fall.

A Crochet Basket:

This week I found two old skeins of tape yarn in my stash. This is the a ribbon yarn that is used to knit or crochet ruffle scarves. So I decided to make a small basket for my current crochet projects. The basket was super fast to crochet, I used single crochet stitches with a size 6.0 mm hook and a pattern from one of my crochet books. There are many free crochet patterns like this in Ravelry . For example: the is free and very cute.. What do you think? I like it. So if you have some old bulky yarn and don't have a pattern in mind, a basket like this is a good choice.

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