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Bootstrap socks by Lara Neel

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A few months ago I wanted to take a sock class to learn more about sock construction. So I decided for Lara Neel craftsy class Socks my Way. This is a wonderful class. Lara really explains different toes and heels that you can apply to any sock no matter if it is a toe up or cuff down. I like the analysis behind the formulas used to determine the number stitches used to customize your socks. Who doesn’t like custom made socks?


These socks are very cute, no wonder they are so popular in Ravelry. They are cuff down, with the balbrigganheel. The heel turn needs grafting (grafting is not my favorite thing) which explains why I have not finish them. As you can see, I am also knitting these socks using magic loop- two socks in one circular needle.

This is my first time using Regia 4-fädig Color sock yarn. I am loving my Hiya Hiya red lace size US-0, 40 in circular needles. They are sharp and comfortable with an almost invisible joint.  I have heard very good reviews about Regia, it is not as soft as I thought but it is durable and it washes really well.

You can see details of this yarn here in my Ravelry project page. My goal is to finish these socks by the end of October 2015. I guess I have to get my notes on grafting the heel and start working the instep.