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Crochet again!

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I don't remember exactly  when I learned to crochet. I am sure it was after I learned how to knit many years ago when I was in second grade  (you can do the math if you want to) but it was back then when my mom had crochet doilies covering the end tables of our living room  and doilies were in almost every home I visited. I remember using only crochet thread in white or beige size 10 and a tiny 1.0 mm crochet steel hook and following the diagram of a pattern on a magazine. In many instances, I designed my own pattern or made clothes for my dolls.

My mom taught me the basic stitches but pretty soon I was on my own. By the time I was 11, I had made about a dozen doilies and  had embroidered several dresses in cross stitch  for my little cousin. By the time I was 15, I started selling embroidered linen doilies with crochet edges and tea towels to my friends' moms.

These are some of the doilies I made for my mom. Today, they sit in my closet. I guess you can say they are vintage!

Here are a few of my embroidered pieces used to cover the serving trays. We had a set for holidays, for coffee , etc.... They are from the 80's lol!

But all of that happened when I was living in Dominican Republic. Today,  things are a  lot different. We have stitch dictionaries, lots of yarn choices, pretty patterns, nice hooks and notions , project bags and You tube.  I had none of these when I was in  school (just 2 crochet hooks, embroidery and crochet thread and no internet!)

Somehow, I got the crochet inspiration again and recently started  a chevron blanket. This blanket is super easy  and it is going fast. I found this project in Ravelry by Rachel C. Creations but I'm making a few changes. I am going to use  3 different colors ( I am using Tempo Jojoland in worsted weight and a crochet hook size J) . I am also going to create an ombré  effect starting with gray and ending with navy in a extra large size.  I want a big cozy blanket to wrap myself in on my couch or bed. You can find details on my Ravelry page .

Having  a project with thick yarn and a big hook gives the illusion of a lot of progress. I guess I needed a change because knitting with lace yarn for a while has gotten kind of boring. On the plus side, it is good to have knitting and crochet going on at the same time. Your hands will thank you for it.

So what else is going on?

Summer vacation is finally here! With 3 boys in 1st and 3rd grade, reading is a big subject here in my house. I have been a little obsessed lately with Modern Mrs. Darcy book recommendations. Thank you Michelle from actually knitting for mentioning this in your podcast. I also enjoy Mrs. Darcy tips and tricks on how to get more reading in your life and book suggestions. I  mean this lady knows her stuff! I even got my son into "the boxcar children" series after reading her book list for children. Luckily, my boys like the series and we are all reading along.  Did I mention she also has a podcast? She is the host of  " What book should I read next podcast.

So what do you think? Do you like to crochet ?

Keep the craft going my friends !