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A day to remember shawl

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Mother's Day was a few days ago and I was happy to knit a shawl for my mom. A day to remember shawl by Joji Locatelli was finally completed on time for my mom.This was a very easy project to work on, not too boring, just interesting  enough to let you watch tv while knitting.

The yarn I chose is Juniper Moon - Findley and US size 6 needles.  It is a lovely blend of merino wool and silk but one skein was not enough to complete all the rows of this pattern. Luckily, the shawl was substantially big for my mom so I didn't care if it was a few rows short.

Blocking the shawl made a drastic change on the fabric. As you can see from the first picture, all of those wrinkles were smoothed out and the stitch definition became more noticeable. The shawl was so long, I had to fold it to block it.

But I love how long the shawl is, you can wrap it around like scarf, or just style it around your shoulders. To make this gift more intriguing, I wrapped the shawl like a pair of socks in a label on cardstock paper. This label is available for purchase or free in this link. There is also a crochet version. Isn't this cute?

So what I am working now?

I am currently working on my other lace project- The Feather Weight Cardigan .

I mean, I will not knit in lace weight again at least for a year. This is taking forever!!!  I have been also working on a cute monkey pattern from Susan B Anderson's book  "Itty Bitty Toys" for one of my kids. More of that in a future post. And finally, I am also learning about sewing and loving my new toy, the Laura Ashley CX155LA by Brother sewing machine. I have been reading books and watching you tube videos. I mean, if I can knit and follow a pattern for a sweater, I can sew a skirt right?

What's in my favorites?

Ravelry is an incredible tool for pattern searching but it is also a great enabler and excellent on taking my time. I know is all my fault, but I can be in Ravelry  (and Pinterest) for hours instead of using my precious time to knit. Last week I spent about two hours just browsing and favoring several patterns and things that I might knit or crochet one day for someone. Thinking about holiday gifts? Here are 3 things I found that are free and super cute. A Crochet headband and crochet coasters and a knitted chunky cowl. I like crochet patterns that are easy to remember and small that I can take with me anywhere. Chunky cowls are a great choice for gifts. That brings me to something exciting, I have to go shopping for yarn.

So that's it! For now..keep knitting....