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Fall Fashion 2015- Looks I love

KnittingBrenda Reynoso PenaComment

I love the fall season, with crisps and breezy winds, and leaves changing colors everywhere!There is no question October is one my favorites months. When you live in Florida, most people think it is humid and 100 degrees all the time. That is not true. We also get a little bit of Fall and Winter somewhere between December and February. Even when the weather forecast is 75 degrees, you can see and feel everyone’s mood changes around here. This brings the subject of “what I am going to wear tomorrow” or "no, that looks like summer wear" or "I need some fall colors in my wardrobe". You see what I mean, I need to go shopping! Luckily, I have several accessories I knitted last year that I can wear this year. Knitted accessories are an investment, they lasts several seasons, they don’t go out of style as fast as other garments.

I also like accessories because they can change the look of plain pair of jeans or dress in a second. There are 3 main items that I get a lot of wear during my short fall weather in Florida: Cowls or Infinity scarf, Shawls or Ponchos and light cardigans, (really sometimes I could just wear a poncho or heavy sweater instead of a leather jacket).

One of my favorite designers is Ralph Lauren. He is classic, elegant and always keeps comfort in mind. That means lots of Layers!


I also found this look in Pinterest. I love this look. Jeans and a shawl layered with tee. Have you noticed the fringe look everywhere? Fringes are in bags, sweaters, dresses, etc...they look really cute and trendy. If you have been browsing through Pinterest lately you can see cute outfits and accessories that complement your existing closet. Here is one of my go to weekend outfits! It looks comfortable and trendy! Pinterest is a great place to get ideas and inspiration for your next knitting project or when you want to see what is happening in the fashion world. After looking at several websites, I think I am going to be able to wear "my almost finished City Cape" this season. Now all I need to do is buy a pair of cute boots and maybe a new handbag.

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