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Finding time for your passions

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31 days of knitting find time for your passionsA few years ago, one of my friends asked me: how do you it all? how do you find time to take care of a house, husband, work full time, and raise 4 kids. She even asked me if I had a cleaning service (I wished I had one I thought)! So, I genuinely answered her, “no I don’t do it all”, I just prioritize, organize, plan and with time everything becomes a habit.

Most working women feel exhausted at times (me included) due to busy schedules and piles of daily laundry that seem to take over our lives leaving zero time for ourselves because by the time we get to our free time, we are probably just too tired and exhausted to do anything.

Now lets face it, finding some "ME" time is difficult. So whenever I find those pockets of time, I really enjoy them and try to make the most of it.

I recently read a wonderful book that explains very well how to make time for you. The book is by Jessica N, Turner, The Fringe Hours-making time for you, and I agree with the author, when you make time to fulfill your passions, you become a better mother, wife, friend. One of my favorite quotes from this book is:

Balance isn’t easy, but fighting for it is always worth it. While life is busy, it shouldn’t get to the point of being overwhelming. Make balance a priority in your life. By doing so, you are saying that your time is valuable and that you are in control.

In my opinion, balance is always out of reach if you are not careful, you have to prioritize in life and say no to things that are not essential if you want to be successful in finding balance. Yes there may be times when life happens and things don’t go as planned. But sometimes doesn't mean all the time. So whenever things don't go as planned, take a deep breath and keep going. Your daily habits like organizing, planning and carefully selecting what you want to be part of- will make you a disciplined person. Eventually with time, those habits will be part of your life to the point where you won’t feel as if you were trying to make it a habit anymore. It all comes down to practice. A habit is a skill that gets better with practice. The more you practice a skill the better you become at it.

If you like painting or like to play an instrument, you don't need 5 hours everyday just a few times a week to paint or play that instrument. The same goes for sewing or knitting, reading or writing. You don't have to have 3 hours a day of ME time, just a few minutes a day will do the job. It doesn't matter if your free time is early in the morning before the kids are awake, or late at night, a little time to have tea or coffee and read or knit will make you feel you got some part of the day for you and more relaxed. So go and get some more ME time and do more of what you love!