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Finger Crochet with Kids

KnittingBrenda Reynoso PenaComment

  Did you know you can use your fingers to crochet basic stitches? You can create a chain, single and double crochet without needles but today I want to show you a simple chain stitch you can practice with your children.

On November 19, 2015 was the Great American teach in day. This is the day where many institutions (for example the firefighters, police department, hospitals, etc) send some of their employees to the local schools to share their current jobs with the students. Parents and family members of the students are also encouraged to come and share with the kids their jobs or hobbies. So I decided to volunteer in the 3rd grade class and show the kids one of my hobbies- crochet. Since I only had 30 mins per class I thought it was a good idea to give a quick lesson on how to finger crochet. These young students also had the opportunity to learn about yarn and the difference between knitting and crochet.

The kids were very interested in learning. I also brought a video that I found at the library from Leisure Arts about kids and knitting. In this video, there is a segment dedicated to an alpaca farm. The kids were able to watch about 5 min of the alpaca farm video and understand where the yarn comes from. The purpose of this visit was not only talk about crochet. I also wanted them to learn how the yarn gets to the stores! They were delighted with the crochet process and wanted to learn more. One of the kids even mentioned she wanted to learn how to crochet a scarf. My son (who is 8 years old and is also in 3rd grade) was so happy and proud to see his mama in action. After the video, I taught them how to make a simple chain using your fingers. The teacher also got involved and in a few minutes almost all of them were having fun making loops and slip knots. At the end of the 30 minutes, everyone got a blank Red and green card to take home and decorate with a crochet candy cane.

The crochet candy cane you see here is an easy and quick project to keep the kiddos busy during the winter break. So here is all you need to make the candy cane and the snowman.

1-Bulky yarn, I got Bernat bulky from Michaels. 2-Scissors, Elmers glue or Mod Podge glue. 3-A Christmas card or construction paper and 2 buttons for the snowman.

Start with about 36 in of yarn, we use two colors but one color is fine, use your imagination.

Make a slip knot.

Place your fingers through the loop you just made, bring the working yarn through the loop and pull to make the  loop smaller. Repeat this step until you have the size of chain you want. The chain looks like a rope once it's finished with two colors. Make a knot in each end and cut. Pour Glue in the shape of the candy cane, place your chain following the glue in the shape of the candy cane and press hard. It will take several minutes to dry so I just put a heavy object on top -for about 5 min or until it is completely dry.

That same night my son started making a chain with the white yarn and said he wanted to make a frosty snowman to hang on the Christmas tree. He got so excited because he learned how to finger crochet that he did not want to stop! The steps mentioned above are the same the only difference is that he used construction paper to hold the body of the snowman. He made two circles for the body. I helped him to make the nose (I used embroidery thread) and the hat. There are many things you can make with finger crochet but these are just two quick projects for the holidays. Have you tried finger crochet?

Xoxo, Brenda