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Five tips to keep your hand knitted sweaters in great shape

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Day 30- Five tips to keep your hand knitted sweaters in great shape this winter

When it comes to sweater weather it is very nice to find one of those hand knitted sweaters in your closet. But how do you make sure your work of art is in great shape after it has being forgotten all summer?

If is very difficult to store your sweaters nicely when you don’t have a lot real estate in your closet or drawers dedicated to your beautiful sweaters. No worries, I got a few tips for you to make sure they stay in shape all year.

1-Do not hang your knitted sweaters even if it is for a few minutes. Heavy sweaters will grow and you know at that moment you will remember when you first knitted the swatch to make that sweater. Take a few minutes and fold them. Here is a great tutorial to fold sweaters.

2-Use a sweater divider or a sweater box and store them by yarn weight. Don’t stack more than 3 bulky sweaters or cardigans in one section and 4 or 5 lightweight sweaters at a time. You can label each box for example: cardigans or v-necks. It will be a lot easier to find what you are looking for when you are in a rush. 3-Use lavender bags or mothballs to keep little bugs from entering your closet. If you must hang a very lightweight sweater, use a lingerie hanger (those padded satin cute hangers) to keep the shape and avoid the bumps on the shoulder. The picture below shows how to hang sweater to avoid those bumps in a regular hanger.

4- When you are ready to wash them, do not mix your hand knitted sweaters with your regular laundry. Keep a lined basket or a canvas bag in your closet where you can throw the used sweaters until you wash them. When you are ready to wash them, use a gentle wool wash or soak soap.

5-Upon the Spring arrival, store clean sweaters in canvas storage bags with lavender bags. Actually, any breathable storage bag or box made out of cotton works well. This will ensure your sweaters are ready for next winter.

Happy Knitting!

Note- All images above were found in Pinterest.