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Flying and Knitting

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flying and knittingDay 15- Travel knitting tips

We have reached the midpoint of the 31 days of knitting and with that comes travel. As I prepare to go a few days to NY and go to the NYS Sheep and wool festival I started thinking about my carry on luggage and the things that I want to bring with me. Traveling alone in a plane is a great time to catch up on a video, book or knitting. I choose to take advantage of all 3. How? I plan to listen to an audiobook while knitting or watch a movie while knitting. But one of the things that I always worry is the knitting needles. I have heard several stories about knitting needles. If you search the word “knitting” in the Transportation Security Administration website, here is what you get:

In general, you may place your knitting needles and needlepoint tools in carry-on or checked baggage. Circular thread cutters or any other cutter or needlepoint tools that contain blades must be placed in checked baggage. You are permitted to keep scissors smaller than 4 inches in your carry-on baggage. Even if an item is generally permitted, it may be subject to additional screening or not allowed through the checkpoint if it triggers an alarm during the screening process, appears to have been tampered with, or poses other security concerns. The final decision rests with TSA on whether to allow any items on the plane.

Note the last sentence of the above quote. Now, here is my issue. I just have a few sizes of wooden needles and I will be disappointed if the TSA staff decides to confiscate my sharp size zero chiaogoo needles because they are very sharp. This means that I will have to use wooden needles to knit the socks which is not a good idea because whenever you change needles your gauge might change.

I have heard of many stories from several people and it sounds like sometimes you can get away with the metal needles. I believe it all depends if the items trigger the alarm and also on the airport. International laws might be different, so make sure you check the TSA website and your airline. Wish me luck!

So I decided to take some wooden circular needles and a few crochet hooks. I plan on knitting a few dishcloths that are part of my WIP’s (work in progress) and coffee cozies for my holiday gift knitting.

I wanted to share a list of things I do before traveling:

1-Make a list of the things you are taking a few days before- this will help you pack faster. I literally write everything that needs to go in my carry on and my purse. I like to go the old fashion way and write it on paper and check off things as I am packing. 2-Don’t go crazy packing a lot of projects, chances are you are not going to have a lot of time. 3-Take a lace project like a shawl-if you have one in mind and are travelling alone. Lace is great for the plane because really nobody is asking you questions and you can concentrate while you count those stitches! 4-Bring some dental floss and nail clippers and use them as yarn cutters. Avoid scissors. 5-Avoid taking double pointed needles (DPN). Take circular needles instead and avoid losing one of your DPN’s. Use a pencil case to put your needles. 6-Take a pretty project bag that fits in your purse. 7-Make a list of the important places you want to see and people you want to meet. 8-Enjoy your trip, happy knitting!

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