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Day 21- Gifts and Knitting 

Most knitters are nice people and nice people deserve cute little gifts during the holiday season. So why not show your appreciation to your knitter friends with something they will love and use. I am not talking about a knitted accessory ( they probably have one anyway). I am talking about little things that make you feel good and that you might not buy for yourself because they might feel like a splurge. So wouldn't be nice to get one of the following for a crafty friend? Remember to do a little research about your friends favorite colors, yarns, lifestyle. For example, if your friend knits socks only, don't give her a book about afghans. Before shopping online, think about supporting your local store, your favorite yarn dyer, or your favorite Etsy seller. The Internet is full of options, so I came up a list of affordable ways to cross a name off your list:

10 items knitters will love this holiday season:

    1-A project bag and handmade stitch markers, Etsy is perfect for this and everyone needs stitch markers and bags. 2-A one year subscription for their favorite magazine 3-A gift certificate good at their local yarn store 4-A pattern and yarn they can't wait to cast on 5-Make a basket with Soak soap, the Soak Bottles from Craftsy are perfect  6-A book or Amazon gift card 7-Blocking wires or blocking mats because they will eventually use it 8-Lo-Lo Bars by Bar-maids travel pac 9-Anything from 10-A fix a stitch to pick up dropped stitches

    I hope this list gives you ideas and makes your wish list a little easier to manage. I personally like all 10 items. Happy knitting!

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