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My 2016 knitting and crochet goals

Crochet, KnittingBrenda Reynoso Pena2 Comments

A few days ago I was writing down my family and personal goals and comparing them to last year's goals. I was very happy with my results but it also made me think about my crafty goals (note: I don't like to say New Year Resolutions") because it makes feel like those resolutions never get accomplished.  So I started thinking about my knitting and crochet goals. Honestly, I didn't have any formal crafty goals. Well, this year I decided to be careful and commit to a few goals that are both achievable and exciting.

I also like to have a guide or map that I could follow with a "by or a due date" like the knit alongs (KAL) and reward myself with a little gift. I got the project bag in the picture below from Halcyarn for myself as a reward for completing my holiday gift knitting on time. This little bag is perfect for your sock project or small project. I am currently knitting the color affection shawl by Veera Valimaki. You can find the details in my project page in Ravelry here. img_1321

I have to say that I am loving garter stitch. It is easy and perfect for knitting while watching tv. So here are my knitting and crochet goals:

Spring to Summer 2016

1- take a knitting class with a designer 2- start the master knitter program by the TKGA or certified instructor program by the CYCA. I need to research more and make a final decision on which program to choose.

3-learn Tunisian crochet and other crochet techniques.

Fall to Winter 2016

4- finish holiday gift knitting by november 30th.

5- finish the "building in color blanket" by Michelle Hunter by December 

Overall, I think these are goals that I am able to complete and if I don't ? well there is always another time. Do you have any knitting or crochet goals? I will love hear what they are.

Let's  welcome a new year full of health, love and joy and all the yarn and knitting we wish for!