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Hollywood and Knitting

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  Day 29-Celebs who knit

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Did you know celebrities like Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Cameron Diaz and Dakota Fanning just to name a few, like to knit. 

And did you know there are also men in Hollywood who knit ? Sexy Ryan Gosling and David Arquette are also knitters. If you want to see the large list of Hollywood knitters click here. I am glad to know these people believe in this craft and are not ashamed or afraid to knit in public. Many people still see knitting as something your Grandma used to do or still does to keep herself busy. They are so wrong! I guess they don't know what they are talking about. The art of knitting became less popular in the 1980's but in the 21st century that all changed. Today, we see knitting everywhere. Younger people are knitting more every day and the selection of knitting classes, yarns and needles available nowadays give everyone an opportunity to learn. 

Monica Lewinsky also knitted her own knitting bag  to hold hey yarn and needles according to the New York Times.

I am sure all Hollywood celebrities have their own stitch and bitch group or might start one soon.

Is your favorite celeb in the list?