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How knitting has helped my time management skills

Knitting, Lifestyle, ProductivityBrenda Reynoso PenaComment Not too long ago when I started knitting at a more serious level, I realized that my days got more productive. I started doing something that made me concentrate and also use my hands. All of a sudden I found more hours during the day to spend in one of my favorite hobbies even if it was just 30 minutes a day.

I also have been reading more using audiobooks. This explains why knitters love audiobooks, it is sort of multitasking. In fact, when you have a hobby you manage your time better to make time for that hobby. Let me explain, by blocking time during the day for your hobby, you actually finish other projects around your house a bit faster. I am not referring only to knitting, this will apply to any hobby really photography, writing, sewing, etc....

Here are a few things I recommend that have worked for me and hopefully will work for you:

1. Find a hobby that you like (if you don't have one, try different things like Painting, sewing, scrap booking, quilting and of course knitting, until you find your true passion. Try as many as you can, it is ok to have a few hobbies!

2. Use your TV time to knit.

3. Join online communities or groups in your area. Your local library might be able to help you with this.

4. Read and research about your hobby. The more you know about what you like the easier it gets to understand and finish a project.

5. Get created with your weekly calendar. Start by blocking that one hour every other week or weekly depending on your work schedule and increase as desired. Don't forget to use a timer!

And finally, remember it just takes one stitch at a time to finish any project. Happy knitting!