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How many ufo's or wip's do you have?

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Day-1 How many UFO’s and WIP’s do you have?knit-869221_1280 Today is the first day of the 31 Days writing challenge and I am excited about today’s topic because my goal is not only write for 31 days but to also finish at least one of the projects that I have one my needles.

If you talk to a knitter, crocheter or quilter, one of main topics to discuss will probably be related to the number of WIPs (work in progress) or UFO’s (unfinished objects) waiting in their project bags. Notice these are not the same thing! A work in progress is something that you are currently working on and an unfinished object is obviously just something that never got finished. In fact, if you search on Ravelry or Google the above acronyms, you will find thousands and thousands of articles on this subject. As a knitter, it is extremely difficult to say no to beautiful yarn or keep your hands away from casting on a new pattern or even trying a new stitch. I know I can relate to that!

In the book “the One Thing” by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan, The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results, the word Multitasking is considered a lie. The book also explains how multitasking may be possible when you are using different parts of the brain (for example listening to music and cleaning). In my world, that translates to knitting and listening to music or drinking coffee.

So to make this challenge a success, I decided to work on one project at a time for next 30 days. I currently have 4 WIP's and 2 patterns that I can't wait to cast on. Here are 5 things you can consider if you want to follow along: 1- Take inventory of your UFO’s or WIP’ 2- Be realistic with your time and start with a small project. 3- Set up a stopwatch and find out how many rows or inches you can knit in 30 mins increments. This will give you an idea of how many hours or days you need per project. 4- set up an alarm or reminder and commit to knitting every day for 15 or 30 min or more if you can. 5- Grab some coffee and maybe listen to music to help you stay focused All hobbies require time and dedication if you want to learn and master your skills. Come back tomorrow where I will share the Tools of the Trade I use and the wants I don't! Happy Knitting!