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Knit Purl Pray,  a book review

Books, KnittingBrenda Reynoso PenaComment

   I purchased the Knit Purl Pray book during my visit to the NYS sheep and wool festival  in Rhinebeck, NY last month. As you may already know, I love books (especially knitting books) so of course I had to check several of the books at the sale table. Somehow, the colors and design  of this book caught my attention. 

I was lucky enough to meet the author and knitter- Lisa Bogart who also signed my copy. Let me tell you this book is not only full of biblical inspirational quotes, it is also funny! I enjoy books that are entertaining and keep me connected with the author. This little book has that and more. Lisa Bogart also shares her passion for knitting and sometimes you might even feel she is inviting you to her living room  to knit with her. After all, knitting with friends is always better and good for the soul!

Just like its cover says, the book has 52 devotions for the creative soul, 140 pages and a few patterns. What I like about this book is that you can have it by your night table and read one devotion a day or read them in order one a week. Can you tell knitters don't like rules? However you decide to start reading this book, you will feel Lisa’s love for knitting. I think the book cover is so cute that it decorates my table.

 I really recommend this book. There are many ways we can connect our passions with God and one of them is to read inspirational books that remind us of how God is in our lives every day bringing us strength and joy through the things we love.

XoXo, Brenda!