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Knitting and Health- 5 benefits you should know

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Day 19- I don't know about you but when I knit I feel relaxed and accomplished. Some people even say knitting is like yoga. To me is like a free therapy session!

I was impressed to learn the benefits knitting brings to our brains and bodies.

Knitting is good for adults and children. It gives you the opportunity to stay focus, learn a new skill and use their hands. 

The following was published by the craft yarn council of America, Once a knitter has mastered the movements, the process is rhythmic and repetitive. According to the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, knitting’s repetitious movements theoretically can elicit the famous relaxation response, which is the body’s counterbalance to stress, a state in which heart rate and blood pressure fall, breathing slows and levels of stress hormones drop.

As you can tell from this comment, slow breathing helps just like yoga to calm down and relax. It is also true that knitting helps those with Alzheimer's disease and depression. Actually any arts and craft like crochet, drawing, pottery, or sewing will bring relaxation and joy. Another article published by  CNN explains the effects of dopamine in our brains and how knitting has the same effects as Dopamine. 

Here is the definition of Dopamine according to the medical news website it defines Dopamine as a neurotransmitter. It is a chemical messenger that helps in the transmission of signals in the brain and other vital areas. Dopamine is found in humans as well as animals, including both vertebrates and invertebrates.

Another excellent article by describes in details why Handmade Creativity makes you healthier and happier. 

Basically, the more we knit or crochet, the more dopamine is released from our brains. This is why knitters sometimes can't stop and just want to knit another row. Just knowing that you can accomplish to knit and finish a scarf or mittens that you thought you couldn't knit, is a rewarding experience.

But as you might have notice, knitting is not only for adults. Nowadays you see an increasing number of young adults knitting and younger designers in the knitting world. It is a fact that knitting is cool and trendy. When I tell someone that I knitted my sweater it just makes feel good.

There are many reasons why knitting is good for your brain but here are 5 you should know:

  1. Reduces stress and depression 
  2. Increase attention
  3. Mood booster
  4. Increase your creativity 
  5. It may protect the aging brain

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