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Meet Monkey Jojo!

KnittingBrenda Reynoso PenaComment

When my kids saw the Itty Bitty Toys book by Susan B Anderson, they immediately asked for a knitted toy. Well here it is, my first knitted project and first time using  (dpns) double pointed needles. I have to admit, dpns are not as difficult as I thought. 

One of my twins, (Lorenzo) loves monkeys. I mean he has a zoo in his room and he even sleeps with a big cozy monkey. 

Knitting toys is not only a great use of your stash (think of sock yarn leftovers) but also a cute gift. The details of the yarn I used and needle are in my ravelry project page. Look at that happy face with his new friend Jojo!

So if you have never knitted a toy before,  give it a try. It is really fun. My other kids asked for the snake and the hippo. Honestly, they are all so cute I want to knit them all.

Happy Knitting!