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More knitting podcasts!

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Sometimes being home sick for a few days is a great opportunity to catch up on old episodes or learn about new podcasts. I have been watching/listening to a lot of podcasts lately but they are all full of interesting topics and news of the knitting world. If you like to listen to podcasts or are looking for new podcasts, keep reading!

YouTube: you  are going to love the following knitting video podcasts:

  1. The grocery girls (Jodie and Tracie are so funny, I wish  one day I could meet them)
  2. Inside number 23  (lovely Katie from the UK, talks about knitting and sewing)
  3. Brooklyn Knitfolk  (it reminds me of my old days in NYC, Jackyn shows a few videos of NY and knitting)
  4. Tinypaperfoxes  (Jennie and Devon are a cute couple sharing their knitting projects and also sewing)
  5. Sew over it   (I like Lisa's style and tutorials, this is about sewing but hey I want to learn how to sew lol)

Audio Podcasts

  1. Craft-ish by Vickie Howell - like always, she has an excellent  voice and loves everything crafty.
  2. Power Purls podcast by Kara Gott Warner, she is the editor of Creative Magazine.
  3. While she naps podcast by Abbie Glassenberg interviews designers, crafters, bloggers.

I enjoy very much learning about new things and people while knitting, cooking or folding laundry. Audio podcast are great while driving or waiting at the doctor's office. I can say they have become part of my lifestyle!

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Keep knitting my friends...