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My 2017 goals

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A year ago on Jan 6th I published my knitting and crochet goals but - can you believe out the 6 goals, only the first 2 got completed and the other 4 were replaced with other stuff that was more exciting than the actual goals? If are curious to know what were my last years goals, go here.  

This is why this year I want to try something different. I don't like resolutions- I like goals and adventures. The problem arise when I get distracted or let other unimportant events take priority. And with that I bring you my two words for this year- simple habits !

This means keep simple goals and make it a habit to check your progress on those goals. What I am saying is keep one or two goals and Stay focus by making a habit to look and analyze your progress in a timely manner. This applies to anything in life - losing weight, buying a house, paying off credit cards, using your stash, etc..-so  whatever you like to use to keep track of your goals (paper planner or an app or both) coming back to those goals and tracking your progress is what really matters. One of the reasons why many goals don't get accomplished is because we often underestimate the time and details that each goal require.

So so here are my goals for 2017:

1- grow my business

2- complete the TKGA (MHK) Master hand knitter  level 1.

1-Growing my Etsy shop and website are my top priority. I have exciting news for you in the next few weeks so stay tuned. 2-Knitting and crochet are already part of my habits so they aren't included in my goals except for the MHK program because it requires more dedication and I feel is a major commitment for me.

I hope this helps you think and decide your top priorities when you are ready to write your goals. I 'd love to know what are your goals for this year.  Happy knitting and Happy planning!