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My Favorite Apps

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My Favorite Apps

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I believe I am addicted to apps. I mean I love technology and anything that will help me be more productive as long as it doesn’t cause distractions. In addition to my weekly paper planner (yes I am a strong believer of writing things down on paper) lately I have been trying new calendars and productivity apps.

Here are my favorites which are free and available in iPhone and Android phones.

Productivity Apps:

Evernote  this is an amazing tool for knitters also. You can stack notes inside a notebook and keep important documents on the go.

Google Calendar- In my opinion, this is the best calendar out there. It is not perfect for it works great. Here I have my monthly appts and important events only. this is not a to-do list.

Sunrise Calendar App - this will sync your icloud calendar, google calendars, ical, social media like facebook, Evernote, etc… It will also display the weather during the day, afternoon and evening. What I like is the view- much easier than icloud calendar.

This is the app that I use to view all of my calendars because Icloud calendar doesn’t offer these views. So adding an event to Sunrise app will also be added to the Google Calendar.

Pocket- this is available in google chrome and your mobile devices. You can send an article from the web and add it to Pocket to read later when you are offline, Great for travel or when there is no wi-fi. I also try to keep no more than 5 articles here. As soon as I read I decide to either delete it or to file it in Evernote.

Todoist- this is a task app- not a calendar app. I only have been using this for a few a month and I am not sure of I will keep using it or not. I currently write  my to do list for that day when I am not taking my planner with me. Since I don’t use it everyday, the free version is perfect for me.

 Knitting Apps:

Stash 2 go- If you are a knitter, you might be already using this app. I have it because I like to see what I have in my Ravelry queue when I am at a yarn store. This app is great but not perfect. It is so far working well keeping the same data I have in my Ravelry account updated but sometimes I feel it takes too long to open or it will go to the main page when all I want to do is look at my stash or patterns. This is why I use Evernote to take quick notes of my current projects. I can always go to my computer later and paste those notes in my projects page in my Ravelry account.

Craftsy app for Ipad. I love Craftsy and have downloaded several classes. The beauty of this app is that you can download your classes to view later when you are offline.

GoodReader for ipad. This is a paid app (it cost about $4.99) but is worth it. I believe is the only app I have paid for! This app will make you life easier when it comes to reading your PDF patterns. It will open any PDF (ebooks, docs) and it allows you to edit, highlight, write notes, etc and give you the option of saving an annotated copy of your original file.

Kindle I couldn’t leave this one! I have many knitting books in my Kindle. I have the Kindle app in my Ipad and Iphone and I absolutely love it!

In summary, apps are great if you manage them wisely. Too many apps will cause confusion and actually slow you down. My advice, try a few for a month and see what works for you. When you have too many apps taking space in your mobile device, you tend to get distracted and not use them at all. After all, the purpose of technology is to make your life easier and give you more time for your favorite hobby right?

I will love to hear what apps you are using.