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My Favorite Podcasts

Knitting, Lifestyle, Podcasts, ProductivityBrenda Reynoso PenaComment have become very popular in the knitting world. I discovered them a few years ago but never had the interest or time to listen to them until I realized there were knitting and arts and crafts Podcasts! Recently, I have been listening to several categories which include knitting, personal finance, life, inspirational, blogging and marketing, etc.

So here are the ones I currently subscribe to, you can find them in itunes or stitcher. Some of them are monthly or weekly which means I always have an episode to listen while I am knitting, driving to work or folding laundry.

KNITTING PODCASTS: Actually Knitting Knitmoregirls's Podcast Commuter Knitter Subway Knits Down Cellar Studio Teach your Brain to knit the Yarniacs Two Knit Lit Chicks Bookish Stitcher (this is a video podcast) Knit Fm Cast On Curious Handmade Craft Sanity Never Not Knitting Prairie Girls Knit and Spin Mastering the knits Podcast TwinSet Designs Imake Knotty Girls Knitcast

PERSONAL FINANCE: Money Girl The Simpler Life


This is your Life by Michael Hyatt What’s your story The Art of Simply The Beyond to do list Power of Moms Radio The Inspired to Action Podcast

So go ahead, take a ride and listen to a few of these podcasts. I am sure you will learn something new every day you tune in.