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5 things that will help you knit faster and watch TVNetflix and Chill KNIT!

Due to my busy weekly schedule, I don’t watch tv monday thru friday. Instead, I record the shows that I am mostly interested in and also catch up on Netflix during the weekends. TV time means knitting time for me. Basically, if I am sitting, I am knitting. Since one of the goals of this 31 days challenge is to knit and complete one of those WIP’s, I need to be productive and wise about my time. So whenever there is a 30min show that I might be interested, I just grab my knitting and knit a few rows.

5 things that will help you knit faster and watch TV

1- choose garter stitch and stockinette stitch instead of challenging stitches like yarn overs or lace. 2- go for small projects knitted in the round 3- avoid colorwork, intarsia or fair aisle. Work with one color at a time 3- knit with light colors- dark colors like black and brown might be difficult to knit with if you don’t have enough light. 5-avoid patterns that require a lot if decreasing and increasing

4 free and easy tv friendly patterns

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