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Summer Sewing news!

SewingBrenda Reynoso Pena2 Comments

Many  years ago I learned how to sew in a very simple sewing machine. Soon, I began to hem a few skirts and sew simple tablecloths and curtains. But that's as far as I got. Knitting and crochet and hand sewing were easier for me. Fast forward several years later and the wonderful technology of Craftsy and YouTube, I am starting to learn and understand how rewarding sewing could be. Finally this summer I  got my hands on my new sewing machine and started sewing a few simple items. Project bags, pillows. Installing an invisible zipper!  I feel very proud. Pillow covers are the perfect  project for beginners.So I made a few. Here is my perfectly straight seam. I used the seam guide foot ( I had no idea there was such a name) anyway I decided to practice with this foot on the envelope pillow by Diana Rupp which is part of the Sewing Essentials craftsy class.

I learned how to make a bias tape and piping using a zipper foot. This was supper easy. 

This is another pillow (also in Diana Rupps book) but I decided to use an invisible zipper instead of a universal zipper. The only challenge here was to install an invisible zipper with a regular zipper foot. It might not look perfect but who is going to be checking! Lol

If you are new to sewing, I recommend the SEW everything workshop: The complete Step-by-step  Beginner's Guide with 25 fabulous original designs, including 10 patterns book by Diana Rupp and her craftsy class, Sewing Essentials. Both excellent ! This book was published in 2007 but the instructions are timeless. 

I also have Deborah Moebes sewing books One stitch at a time, learning to sew one project at a time and Stitch Savvy

Which is my favorite? The SEW everything workshop book because it has more more projects, paper patterns, and instructions on how to read and cut using commercial patterns . 

However, each book has unique projects. All of the beginner's  techniques that I am mentioning here in this post are covered in the Sew everything book.

I also made a few project bags (sock knitting bags) for my cousins. I used fat quarters and my rotary cutter and cutting mat. This was my first time using both of these tools and let me tell you, they are easy and very precise. I mean, if you want to cut a perfect square, use a rotary cutter.

So this means that now I am ready for a dress or skirt right? Well now comes the fun part:  shopping for fabric.

Online websites like and mood are just like yarn stores. They have so many choices and colors, it is difficult to make a decision. 

Until next time, make something. It will make you feel good!