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The Benefits of blocking 

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  I can't believe today is the 13th day of 31 days of knitting. I have been knitting and writing a lot. Unfortunately, a garment is not completely finished until it is blocked. In today's post, I want to show you the benefits of blocking.

Many non- knitters and some new knitters are not aware of the term "blocking" your knits. In fact, if you look in the Webster dictionary, there are several definitions for block and blocking but none of them talk about knitting. In plain English, Blocking your knits is the proceess of smoothing out the stitches of a knitted piece by using steam or water (also known as wet blocking). Natural fibers block very well with steam but my preferred method is wet blocking.

In my example below, I am blocking the  3 color cashmere cowl by Joji Locatelli that I knitted this past summer. This pattern became my favorite as soon as I heard of it in Ravelry. I used Malabrigo finito yarn, 100% merino wool fingering weight. This yarn is very soft and feels very nice. 

You can find details of the Colors I  used In my Ravelry page

Here is a picture before blocking. The length is about 22 inches but it will go up after blocked. You can see the wrinkles on the fabric but they will magically disappear I a few minutes.



1-Grab a bowl with cold water and wool wash. I use Eucalan but any brand like Soak will be fine. Leave your knitted garment for about 15 min.   2-Remove excess water . Don't wring it. Use as many towels as needed. Roll it like the picture below until damp. The colors are not as bright here (this was done at night so Poor lighting)      3-Lay the piece flat with several towels (I don't have blocking mats so I use my yoga mat to cover the table with towels on top of the mat. Use T-pins to hold in place and let it dry or several hours or overnight.


4-here is the after picture. Note the fabric is smooth and the stitch definition is much more noticeable. The length is about 27 inches. 

I can't wait for some nice cool weather and wear my cowl. So what are your favorite  knitted accessories for this Fall?