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The Woven Slip Stitch

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Are you familiar with the Woven Slip Stitch?Theneedlebeecitycape1 Today I want to show you my progress on one of the projects that I will complete in this 31 days challenge. Here is the city cape by purl soho in Malabrigo Rios, you can find the free pattern here. The pattern is knitted using the woven slip stitch which is similar to the linen stitch but the woven slip stitch is a little thicker giving you a more textured and dense fabric. City Cape Purl Soho The instructions below are from the Purl Bee website. You can find details for the free pattern here. Woven Slip Stitch Pattern Row 1 (wrong side): Sl1, *k1, sl1wyib, repeat from * to last stitch, k1. Row 2 (right side): Sl1, knit to end of row. Row 3: Sl1, *sl1wyib, k1, repeat from * to last stitch, k1. Row 4: Repeat Row 2. Repeat Rows 1–4. (The Woven Slip Stitch is worked over an even number of stitches.) - See more at: the Purl Bee by Purl Soho website.

Here is my swatch after blocking. A little note on your gauge swatches: always attached the tag or label of yarn to your swatch and write you gauge and needle size for future reference! Woven Slip Stitch Right Side Wrong Side of W. Slip stitch Special instructions are given in this pattern to always slip the first stitch purlwise with the yarn in the front. This gives a nice straight edge and makes I-cord edging easier to attach (more about i-cord edge after I finish the neckline). Photo Oct 03, 2 30 50 PM My city cape is looking like cape! a few more rows and I will start shaping the yoke and neckline.

Happy Knitting!