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Tools of the trade

KnittingBrenda Reynoso PenaComment

Tools of the trade. Do you have the right tools to finish the job?image Today I want to talk about knitting tools. While some tools are essential like your knitting needles others are just nice to have. image

I love tools but I don’t have a lot. I basically have the essentials which include:

Row counters, digital scale (to make sure I have enough yarn to complete a project), a ball winder, measuring tape, stitch markers, scissors, a book light (just in case I want more light), a few crochet hooks, cable holder, darning needles, and nail file (it has come in handy at times, you need to keep your nails nice and smooth)!

To start, I really recommend a good set of needles to all newbies out there. Needles are like writing instruments, either you love them or you hate them. I havr a set of convertible Knitter's Pride karbonz. They are sharp, light, affordable and easy to use. The joint is not as thick or noticeable as other brands. I have tried Knitter's pride Dreamz and also Knitters Pride Nova but the Karbonz and are might favorites. I love these needles! I also have a few Addi Lace and Chiagoo red lace size US0 and US1 that I use to knits socks. I like the extra sharp tip they have to knit socks, they are perfect for magic loop.

If you are a beginner knitter, my advice is to go to your local yarn store (LYS) and try a few needles before you invest in a set. You might prefer wood, over metal. Sharp tips or not, a set might sound a bit too much if you are just a beginner but trust me, you will use them all at one point. There is nothing more frustrating than to find a beautiful pattern and yarn and then realized you don’t have the size needles you need to get the correct gauge. I personally don’t like double pointed needles. I have a few that I rarely use so instead I use my circular needles and do a magic loop.

There also are a few new tools that are in my wish list. The other day I came across a digital row counter at knit rate. I think this will be useful because row counter apps are not really productive in my opinion.

Tools that I don’t care for: plastic pattern cover or keeper. I prefer to use the Goodreader app in my ipad or just a plain paper copy and make necessary notes as I knit along.

happy knitting!