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Weave in your ends as you go

KnittingBrenda Reynoso PenaComment

needle-517037_1280 Weaving the ends and joining yarns are not my favorites. When I am knitting, I just want to finish and pick up the next project. But when you are working on a large piece like the City Cape by Purl Soho requires about 1100 yards, you are going to have to join yarns. I want to share how I make this a little bit easier.

My favorite method for joining yarns is where you simply drop the yarn that is about to end, pick up the new yarn and start knitting as usual. You need to hold both ends after you join so it doesn’t feel loose but your work will look clean and even because there are no knots involved.

The only problem is that those ends are left in the back of the work and you need to use a tapestry needle to weave them in. So, here is a tip: weave your ends as you go and by the time you finish the entire garment, you will be ready for blocking.

Here is a great video from VeryPink Knits that explains how to weave in the ends. This method works great for the woven slip stitch because the wrong side of it is very similar to the back of the stockinette stitch and the garter stitch.

There are so many options in knitting and there is no right or wrong way of doing things. It all depends on your preferred method or style. Try several ways until you find the best method that suits you. I will love to hear your favorite method for weaving in those ends.

Happy Knitting!