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What is on my needles?

KnittingBrenda Reynoso Pena2 Comments

After the 31 days of knitting writing challenge, I decided to to take a week off and organize my  project bags and became friends with Ravelry again. I mean, what do you do when you finish a project? Well, you cast on another one. Right? So that is exactly what I did.As you all know, last month one of my goals was to finish the bootstrap sock by Lara Neel. I am so happy I finished. The socks fit perfect (after all they were custom fit). The yarn felt a little itchy when I was knitting it but after putting the socks on, the yarn feels fine. It seems very durable and sturdy. Regia yarns have a good history of durability so I am sure these socks  will last and wash well.

   The pattern has an interesting construction on the heel. The strap goes on the side of the foot and under the heel attached by a band.

     Overall, this pattern is interesting and easy to follow. I will definitely recommend any of the patterns in the sock arquitecture book by Lara Neel. So back to my needles! Like I said, I have  been in Ravelry a lot lately instead of using my time to knit. I have to have a few (at least two) projects going on at the same time and right now I just have my long term project which is the Color Block blanket by Michelle Hunter. Honestly, I am not in a rush to finish this one. In the meantime, I started another washcloth with the dishie cotton yarn by Knit Picks in beige. Washcloths knit up so fast! they are the instant gratification project for anyone trying to learn new stitches or making a quick gift.

I am also starting a new Kal with my Google Hangouts knitters. This week we are going start the Rose City Rollers socks. This kal will only last 5 weeks and end on  December 16 just in time for holidays. I also swatched for the Featherweight cardigan by Hannah Fetig using my Anzula wash my lace yarn in the Rust colorway. 

   One of the benefits of using lace weight yarn is all the hours of knitting you get out of it. Each skein is over 900 yards!

 After many thoughts and knitting trying to find gauge for the hitofude cardigan I realized lace weight yarn is not the best for an All lace cardigan. Stockinette stitch knitted with size US 3 needles will work just fine with this lace weight yarn. This yarn  feels breezy and airy. Perfect for Florida. I am aware this will take me a long time to finish but I also know I will get a lot of wear out this cardigan.

And finally I have been wanting to knit a shawl. I have the yarn already, so why not? I love the Color Affection shawl by Veera Valimaki. I decided to use grey and pink tones. I bought 2 skeins of Ms Babs at Rhinebeck to match a skein of Madelinetosh that I had in my stash. Both colors are in fingering weight so they will work just fine.   

 The pattern calls for 3 different colors but I only have two tones in my stash so I will start my swatch with the grey and decide later if I need to add a solid shade of grey to complement the variegated tones of grey and pink. This is a long shawl. I am sure I can get a lot of wear out this one as well. It is perfect for a chilly day at the office when you just want an additional layer to cover your back and shoulders.

I know there is a lot going on here but I need a small on the go project like “socks” or a “washcloth” and also a long term project like the blanket. The other two are just for fun! Knitters can’t just have one project at time even if you they only work on one at a given time. It is just the nature of knitting. 

The benefit of having several yarn weights on the needles is that your hands are not getting the same movement all the time. Different yarn thickness  and fiber content require different needle sizes and muscle strength. For example cotton vs wool or crochet vs knitting. What are you working on? How  many project do you have on your needles? I will love to hear from you.